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"Our experience with Monique Smith and her company Brown Eyed Girl Images was as good at is gets. Monique truly has a keen eye for photography , and is able to effortlessly capture the moment in her shots. Her personality made it easy for us to be ourselves and have fun throughout the day, and its the reason why we will without a doubt call her again for our future family pictures..." - Luke

"Overly thrilled with the beautiful photos from the tea party my 3 year old daughter and myself had with Monique in Sandwich! This was our second shoot done with Brown Eyed Girl Images...waited all year just for her to come back to MA to have her take them since I was so in love with the pictures from the first shoot we had. She captures moments I wouldn't even think about and turns them into something amazing in a photo. They say a picture is worth a thousand words...her talent makes them worth more! Thank you again Monique- We may have to travel to Florida to get them done again next year if you're not up here! " - Shandi

"Monique - Your professionalism and quality of work is superior! Your eye for photos is amazing and we are so thrilled with you final results." - Wendy

"Your talent has truly blessed our lives. Thank you for making us feel at ease and for our beautiful pictures. When you are on Cape Cod again please let us know and we will book another session!" - Christy

"the pictures were stunningly beautiful. We had such a great time working with you. Monique you have an amazing gift and will be taking all my family photos." - Loraine

"Having done several shots of my kids with Monique, I can honestly say that no one has been able to truly capture the true emotion and personality of my kids like she has. She has a detailed eye and a warm heart that shows in her subjects...she makes it so easy for the kids to just be themselves." - Tara

"Monique, You are truly blessed with a gift of capturing incredible moments! Whether it's our teenage daughter and friends at Homecoming or our family pictures, we couldn't be more thrilled with the results. Can't wait to book our next session!" - Kelly

"Be prepared, Monique will approach your shoot with some super creative and unique ideas! For those of you with young children, she really works hard to help them feel comfortable which tends to increase their cooperative spirit" - Karen

"Monique, thank you so much for taking such memorable pictures of our 4 mth old twins. You have such a eye to create such precious settings just by looking at what was lying around your house. All our friends & family wanted the black& white of them lying in the basket." - Jeni

"I was truly blown away by the images you captured. Memories we now have to cherish and we had such a fun time at the photo shoot. I look forward to working with you in the near future." - Michelle